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Snooze You Lose: Article in HRINZ magazine

Snooze you lose

In this busy, globally connected world our sleep is constantly being cut short. But your productivity actually decreases the more tired you are. Bill Clinton said "Every important mistake I've ever made in my life I made when I was tired". Find out how your organization can improve productivity and performance by waking up to the importance of sleep. Click Here....

Video from Ignite: Will You be Replaced by a Robot

Ignite Video: Robots

What is the likelihood that your job will be replaced by a robot. It depends on if it is dull, dangerous or dirty - or even all three. Watch this 5 minute video of my latest talk at Ignite where the theme is enlighten us but make it quick. Click Here....

Infographic: 12 Tips to improve your attention and focus

Pipsy Tips

How can you better manage your attention and focus so you can get out of the office an hour early. Pipsy's 12 tips in one summary infographic

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Get some Focus: Urgent vs Important Matrix

Busy trap

Have a look at your to do list and decide if the things on it are urgent or important. Schedule some time to do the important things not just urgent things.

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Map Your Daily Energy Levels

Circadian RhythmMap out your daily energy levels and find out when is the best time for you to do your creative, thinking brain work. Try and schedule your day to keep this time free for such work.

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Are you addicted to your Smartphone?

Take the test and find out if you suffer from nomophobia - the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

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Skills Based CV

Need a CV that shows how you could be successful in a new career. Download our guide on how to do a skills based CV.

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