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Stress Management

Your Challenge: Coping with a Crazy-Busy Work and Life

In today's workplace there are more demands and pressure than ever before. Fewer resources, constant change, globalisation and being online 24/7 all add to increased pressure. Do you feel like you are:

  • Rushing to fit everything in a day
  • Out of energy and enthusiasm for work and life
  • Pulled in different directions by competing demands
  • Can’t focus or pay attention to task at hand
  • Tired, exhausted and rundown

These are often the signs of stress and early stage burnout. Ever noticed what stresses some people, doesn’t worry another person? Surprisingly how we think about things, our beliefs, attitudes and values have a huge impact on our stress levels. The good news is this also means that changing the way we think about events can help us control our stress.

Pipsy's stress management coaching puts you back in control by understanding your stress, developing strategies and resources to reduce your stress. Our approach is to help you to perform better long-term.