HR Consulting and Coaching

Career Coaching

Your Challenge: To wake up in the morning looking forward to work

Are you asking yourself

  • Am I doing something that inspires me?
  • Should I change my career?
  • What is the right direction for me?

Our Career Reinvention and Career Repositioning  programmes will help you answer these questions with the guidance, support and expertise of a qualified and experienced coach and businessperson.

Career Reinvention

Do you feel like a change of career direction but are not sure what or how to change?

Career Reinvention Coaching helps you to

  • Identify what you really want out of your career and why
  • See different options and how to explore new options in a safe way
  • Discover what could be holding you back
  • Find how to deal effectively with change and to move forward

Do something different, exciting and inspiring. Start doing something that has real meaning for you. There is not one right career path but numerous career directions.  Find the options that will fulfil and motivate you. Be guided to make an effective and lasting change.

Career Repositioning

Do you feel stuck in your current position but are not sure how to move forward?

Career Repositioning coaching helps you to

  • Identify what is satisfying or dissatisfying in your current role
  • Set clearer goals that lead you towards achievement in your career
  • Build on your strengths and to overcome whatever may be holding you back
  • Develop a plan for job search, CV review and interview preparation

Develop your career faster by understanding yourself, your goals and your plan of how to get there. Learn what you are great at, what is unique about you and where you will fit in. Overcome what might have been holding you back.